Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Bathroom Reveal:

I had so much fun with this bathroom reno- it is our main floor bathroom that our guests use.  A perfect place to start renovations.

Here is the bathroom before:

And after!

Black and white tree art and frame - Walmart - $10
Black towel (hanging) - Walmart - $5.50
White ceramic vase - Homesense - $25
Black soap dispenser - Walmart - $6.50
Light switch plates - Rona - approx $3 for all
Mirror - Rona - $75
Granite slab with sink - J&H Builders - $100
Faucet - $65

 You can find more photos of my staining project here.

Stain - local paint center - $25 (quart size)
Polyurethane - local paint center - $10 (pint size)
Toilet paper holder - Rona Home Improvement - $75 (came with lights and three towel rings/bars/hooks

Shelves - Rona Home Improvement - $12 each 
Black towels - Walmart - $6 for pack of 2
Ceramic fish - Stokes - $10 
Starfish - Michaels - $7 
Apathocary Jars - Home Outfitters - $17 for pack of 3
Birdcage - Michaels - $7
Green grass - Homesense - $6 
Black and white flower art with frame - Walmart - $12
All white towels, black sand, see shells, bamboo art and frame are all from my closet.

My "splurge" item:
Framed art - Homesense - $50
Black towels - Walmart - $5.50 each

Birdcage turned toilet paper holder:

And my favorite part, before and after!

Cabinet Staining:

Pinterest has changed my life.  You can see the complete and total tutorial here but I will share my quick tutorial photos with you.

Products used:

General Finishes Gel Stain in Java color - $25 for a quart

General Finishes Gel Satin Topcoat - $10 for a pint

I was lucky enough to find a local distributor who sold these products.

Here is the before photo - golden 80s oak bathroom cabinet:

Coat #1:

Coat #2:

Coat #3 (still drying):

Finished product with two coats of polyurethane:

And the best part, before and after!

Vase and Apathocary Jar Filler Ideas:

Vase and Apathocary Jar Filler Ideas

I have been searching the internet high and low for vase filler ideas.  I have a small addiction with vases, ceramics, and apathocary jars.  I saved all my internet photos on my desktop but then decided to share them with you.

I have not linked any of these photos to their original websites as I can't remember where they came from.  If you see a photo on here that is yours, please comment and I can link to your site.

How GORGEOUS is this??  I am sure you could buy the moss at a dollar store and the eggs could be bought during the Easter season anywhere!  What a simple yet fantastic idea!!!!

So fresh and simple!!  Love the idea of not over filling the apathocary jars.
For The Bathroom
Again, not overstuffed with objects.  Love the soap collection idea.
Keeping everything the same color creates a cohesive look - stunning!
Holiday Ideas
I have been this for a few years now, just fill any size vase with holiday ornaments.  It doesn't get any easier than that!  Walmart sells inexpensive boxes of gorgeous colors.

LOVE the touch of ribbon - I will definitely be adding ribbons this year to my vases!

More ribbons - you could really make a statement doing this on your mantel, side table, or main dining table.

Love the rustic look.  By stacking vases one of top of each other, you have a completely different look - faboulous!!!

Simple yet elegant - filling vases with lights.  You can now buy led lights that have a small battery pack in them - no messy cords!

Use salt or sugar to fill vases - such a great inexpensive idea!

Another cranberry idea - doesn't it look warm and inviting?

Christmas candies - a perfect way to welcome the holidays.  How festive!!

Natural Ideas

Use layers of slightly different colored pepples - it actually looks very modeen:



Simple pepples and candles.


LOVE the fresh leaves in water on the right hand side.
Simple twigs in salt.


 So adorable!  Using apathocary jars as terreriums - the things people think of!

A vase within a vase - fill smaller vase with stones and use a sprig of leaves around it - LOVE IT!

A nice way to display plant cuttings.

Perfect for Autumn.

A splasch of color.

Plenty of options - you could use candies or coffee beans too.

I LOVE this photo.  I watch Sweet Genius and Chef Ron's kitchen has jars of colored sugars - I think that would be great displayed above kitchen cupboards.

I also have an apathocary jar in my dining room that is screaming to be filled with black gumballs.

Use your imagination - you can put pretty much anything on display!!!  Have any more ideas - I would be thrilled if you left me a comment.