Sunday, August 5, 2012

Dining Room Reveal:

A bit of background on our house:  We were in a buyers and sellers market when we bought this house.  As suggested by our realtor, we bought this house before we sold our other house.  So really, we owned two homes.  The next day when we put our other house on the market it turned drastically into a buyers market and not a sellers market.
For four long, emotional months we owned two quite expensive homes that we could not afford (I mean how can really afford two homes?).  We were miserable and almost in jeopardy of losing our $10,000 down payment that we save for.
Finally our house sold and we were able to move into this house.
With that said, I will never move again :)

This was our very first day - possession day were we owned the keys!

I painted the oak window trim in white which immediately brightened up the space.  We also replaced the light fixture, flooring, and baseboards.  My feature wall is quite bright and I do want to wallpaper soon in a neutral tone.

Goodbye light colored carpet!!  Seriously, I was so worried I was going to spill something in there every time I moved a chair.  Imagine red wine flying.

I LOVE covering anything in fabric shower curtains.  My artwork on the left wall is 3 canvases covered in a shower curtain.

Shower curtain - Walmart - $15
Canvas - Michaels - $12 for all 3

I have more plans in mind - including wallpaper, a brightly colored dresser, and a more modern dining table. 

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  1. Hi. I am a fellow Canadian, southern Ontario. I love finding Canadian bloggers. I am new to blogging also. My house is also filled with oak. I have a fireplace/wall similar to yours. I'm interested in following along with you to see how your house transpires.
    Here is my blog if you'd like to check it out.