Sunday, September 23, 2012

Painting Laminate:

Painting laminate:

This shelf has always been a thorn in my side, I didn't like the color nor did I know what to do with it.  But the lines and structure had some potential.

Step 1:
A quick sanding and one coat of primer - not so pretty looking.  I thought for sure I had ruined it.

I used a foam brush and foam roller - I HATE brush marks with a passion.  I buy my foam brushes from Michaels when they are 10 for $10 and my foam rollers are from the dollar store (a 3 pack for $1).  LOVE those!  No fussies to pick off your painted surface, totally recommend!

I also used some old paint cans to lift the entire shelf off the floor so I could paint but you could use anything.

Step 3:
I did about 4 coats of a white acrylic semi gloss paint.  Though I would recommend filling in the holes, I wasn't certain at the time where I was going to put the middle shelf.

Oh, and wear gloves if you don't want paint all over your hands.

A bit of white paint and some repetitive shapes gives it a whole new look.

I always have to be careful with decorating.  I have two cats that would demolish any sort of real plants so I had to go with faux.  Plus these don't collect cat fur.  Baskets would be really nice too.

Total cost:
book shelf - $30
paint and supplies - $20 (at the very, very most) A gallon of paint can go a long way on small projects around the house
plants - $6 each (my "splurge" item)
Total cost for this completed project: $82

I usually like to have some sort of splurge item in each project, but you can do it for cheaper.

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