Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Living Room Feature Wall Reveal:

We were immediately attracted to this house because of it's character.  The main living room features a 20 foot golden oak wall.  I am slowly getting rid of the oak, room by room. 

The day we got the keys to the house:


Between Michaels, Homesense and Winners, I was able to decorate my shelves.  I still have big plans for this 20 foot feature wall which includes staining, glass, and wallpaper.

I will work my way down the shelves:
Left shelf -
Tall ceramic vase - Homesense - $19
Small ceramic jug - Homesense - $15
Two baskets - Superstore - free with points
Two frosted bird vases - Winners - $15 each
Tree ceramic pots with grass - Michaels - $5 each
Two tall glass vases - Homesense - $15 each
Right shelf -
Ceramic Buddha statue - Homesense - $50
Three ceramic bottles with flowers - Michaels - $7 each
Buddha ceramic - Home Outfitters - $15

Two tall ceramic vases with bamboo - Homesense - $25 each

Large print above fireplace was made with a fabric shower curtain:
Shower curtain - Walmart - $20
Ridged insolation board - $12

Behind the Buddha statue:
Made by me - find my tutorial here.

Behind the small Buddha head:
Two small canvases painted by me - very simple and nothing fancy.



My husband bought me this beautiful fireplace grate.  I didn't want anything too fussy and he picked out just the right one!

I didn't much like the faux pink marble, so I took a bottle of spray paint and nearly choked us out of a home.  Tutorial to come later.


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